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are the president of the united states. the obama house refuses to call the ouster a coup. the violent clashing in the streets with morsi supporters in more than 50 people killed but listen to the president's press secretary who talks about with it, understanding of what is happening. >> president obama made clear our deep concern made by the egyptian armed forces to suspend the constitution is also important to a knowledge tens of millions of egyptians have legitimate grievances with president morsi and undemocratic form of governance they do not believe it is a coup. indeed they were demanding a new government. lou: oxford english dictionary defines it as sudden and violent removal of power from a government. said do they really want to say they can't recognize any foreign government that has been delegitimized because enough of the country's citizens have grievances? the president's spokesperson did have the motivation for the reluctance to label the action 82. >> 1.$5 billion of aid is under active consideration to cut off the aid. >> dell think to be in the best interest of the united stat
states. the obama house refuses to call the ouster a coup. the violent clashing in the streets with morsi supporters in more than 50 people killed but listen to the president's press secretary who
. and hours later on saturday, a redalement. >> katy tur,hank you. >>> a deepening crisis in egypt. the obama house said today it does not intend to cut off aid to egypt. an argument about how today's violence started, but at least 51 protesters killed. hundreds injured in a battle with the military. nbc's eamon molhedin in cairo tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. the removal of morsi left egypt divided and immediately led to violence on the street. today, a deadly confrontation that has many fearing a new wave of bloodshed. egypt's bloodiest day in two years. the clash between supporters of president morsi and those who wanted him outsted. it left scores dead and each side blaming the other. the muslim brotherhood released this video. they claim it shows today's incident. a soldier can be seen firing from a roof into the crowd. an unprovoked massacre, they said, holding up military bullet casings and blood-drenched shirt. who do you blame for what happened here this morning? >> i blame the -- >> reporter: the military countered with its own video, showing soldiers coming under
of the single deadliest days in that nation's recent history. despite that, the obama white house said today it does not intend to cut off aid to egypt at this point. there is an argument about how today's violence started, but at least 51 protesters killed. hundreds injured in a battle with the military. nbc's ayman mohyeldin in cairo tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the removal of president morsi left egypt immediately divided and immediately led to violence on the street. today, things took a turn to the worse with a deadly confrontation that has many people fearing a new wave of bloodshed. it was egypt's bloodiest day in more than two years of unrest. the clash between the military and supporters of ousted president morsi lasted for hours outside the republican guard compound where he is believed to be held. it left scores dead and each side blaming the other. the muslim brotherhood released this video. they claim it shows today's incident. a soldier can be seen firing from a roof into the crowd. an unprovoked massacre, they said, holding up military bullet casing
understanding of the definition of the word unless you are the president of the united states. the obama house refuses to call the ouster a coup. the violent clashing in the streets with morsi supporters in more than 50 people killed but listen to the president's prs secretary who
in illinois and he's been granted more access to the obama white house than almost any other journalist, his fantastic new book "the center hol holds, and obama and his enemies." you say he has lost his schmooze jean, but conan o'brien poked fun at him during a white house correspondents dinner about it. >> some in this room have even accused the president of being distant and aloof. when i asked the president about it earlier, he said, oh, and then walked away. >> the president has also been described as a pragmatist. if it's holding him back even the perception of it, why doesn't do he something to change it? >> he's starting to try to do something about it. he's playing golf more with republicans and eating dinner with them once in a while, but it doesn't come naturally to him, you know, the president's favorite movie he says is "the godfather" and there's this line where he says this is the business we have chosen, you know? and you sometimes think that the president forgets that a little bit, that politics is about back slapping and making these other politicians feel as if they're bein
unless he were president of the united states are happened to work for him. the obama white house refuses to call his ouster a coup led by the military group clashed violently with pporters in hundreds injured in more than 50 killed but listen to the president's press secretary trying to have a common understanding and logic of what is happening in egypt. >> president obama and made clear cowardice -- concern of the decision to remove president morsi you from power in suspend the constitution it is also important to a knowledge egyptians do have grievances with the president more sees undemocratic governments in they were demanding a new government. lou: said koo is defined as a satin and illegal seizure of power from the government so does the president really wants his press secretary to reiterate the administration did can recognize any foreign government that has not been legitimized because a enough of those have grievances? but they did reveal the reluctance to label the actions of a coup by the military. >> when $.5 million of aid is under active consideration to cut off the aid. i
. >>> president george w. bush will join president obama at the white house to honor service volunteers for his charitable organization. >>> george lucas was there wednesday receiving the national humidities medal. president obama trying to be nice when he was reminiscing about his special effects. >> special effects always look like they do today. but it used to be, you would see like the string on the little model spaceships. >> that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. >>> extreme weather is hitting residents across the u.s. we begin in arizona where a major dust storm struck just south of phoenix. next, we go to eastern connecticut where residents there saw a tornado touch down, thankfully, no reported injuries or structural damage. and in colorado, a giant mud slide due to flash flooding in the central part of the state, 20 cars ended up stranded on the interstate. >>> for more on the weather, meteorologist bill karins is here. it's amazing that no one was hurt in that. >> that one could have been worse. >> as far as yesterday went, it's amazing that we didn't have any fatalities w
going to washington the comments immigration bill president obama and the house and sena democrats passed in 2008, 2009 when the head control of both bodies and the white house. they didn't lift a finger which makes skeptics think more interested in 2014 in the election cycle then they are a real remedy. nevertheless we are going to work in the house and we will do it responsibly step-by-step and hopefully engender public trust in the process. lou: that process would be regular order in the house, there will be hearings, rigorous analysis of issues and questions asked, insistence upon answers by the hous >> as now as that sounds, have had for hearings so far in the amendment process went well into the late evening, that is the way it is supposed to be done. if you have a better idea, debated with stability and fact, and take a vote. don't lump everything in together, throw some more money in certa states where you think the senators need to vote for it. that is not how they set it up and that is not the way we are going to do it. another out of homeland security that deals with the
've got to say that the obama white house has been m.i.a. on the employment nondiscrimination act. they have not done enough, they have not pushed for it. about a few minutes after the vote, i got -- i checked my phone and i had an e-mail from one of my contacts in the white house and they sent out a press statement, an e-mail celebrating the win. and that was -- i thought to myself, this is the least they could do. this is literally the least they could do. and they've done nothing more. there is no evidence that they're lobbying the hold out senators like florida and virginia and mr. pryor of arkansas. they should be on this bill. they're not and there's no evidence that the president has picked up his phone to call them. and once he's done picking up the phone and calling those three senators, it is time for him him to pick up his pen and fulfill the campaign promise. this thing polled at 70% or 80%. it pulls with the majority of evangelical support. all of america's best and biggest businesses, the best and biggest contractors like dinecore lockheed martin. these are not hippi
.s. president barack obama took up the issue when he met with the chinese delegate. white house officials said obama urged china not to try to settle its maritime disputes through threats or force. obama was apparently referring to china's claims to islands in the east and south china seas. they include the senkaku islands which japan controls. but state counselor repeated beijing's stance the sten ka ku and other islands are china's inherent territory and china aims to settle such territorial issues through dialogue. >>> a senior u.s. diplomat says negotiators may be able to work out an agreement to keep some american troops in afghanistan beyond their pullout date. nato-led combat forces are scheduled to withdraw from the country by the end of next year. >> of course without an agreement on our presence in afghanistan, we would not remain. but we do not believe that that's the likely outcome of these negotiations. unlike iraq to which comparisons are often made, the afghans actually need us to stay. >> dobbins spoke at a senate hearing following an announcement by white house spokesperson ja
just got a limb more bearable for president obama. white house correspondent wendal goler looks at the june jobs report. >> reporter: the labor department counted 195,000 new jobs last month and added 70,000 to the original figures for april and may. the numbers were better than expected but the unemployment rate held steady at 7.6% at more people entered the labor market. the president's aides say the good news is that it felts with a trend. >> we've seen solid job gains over the last six months. 1.2 million jobs added over that period. over the last 40 months we've added 7.2 million jobs. >> reporter: for republicans on capitol hill, the news was not good enough. house speaker john boehner said in a written statement, quote, economic growth is still tepid, the unemployment rate is far too high, and the president continues to promote policies that undermine robust job creation. the june gains were across the board. jobs added in construction and health care, and even bigger increase in hiring by retailers, but the number of people working only part time, though they wanted full
in either house to repeal it and in fact president obama would never sign that. soilt's going to be messy. it's going to be politically contentious. but in the end it's going to work out the way it works out. and, you know, if it's a big bust, then there's political problems down the road. but it's going to happen. >> but for it to work, the exchanges have to take place, and state after state now, run by republican governors and republican legislatures are trying to roll back or have rolled back or saying that won't participate. and you have to have a certain coherent whole for this to work economically. you can't nibble away at it. in fact, these are big bites out of it. i think also in the reporting losing that mandate is such a concession, it may not be the biggest piece of it, but it's a concession to the critics that something needs to be delayed, that something's not working. i think that's a politically damaging moment. >> they'll admit that the business mandate was poorly written, that they normally would have sought a legislative fix, what e.j. was talking about. but they can't g
in the white house, michelle obama making some comments. here's a portion of it. >> i've just found it just a very freeing and liberating opportunity. >> not a prison? >> there are prison elements to it. but it's a really nice prison so -- >> with a chef. >> can't complain. but there is definitely, you know, elements that are confining. it's a great privilege. so while people are sort of sorting through our shoes and our hair and whether we cut it or not, you know -- >> whether we have bangs. >> whether we have bangs. >> who would have thought. >> andrea, the white house is prison. >> and i'm so glad you played the whole thing because it was cokie roberts quoting from martha washington, i believe she'd written a book on first ladies, described it as a prison, and that's what michelle obama swuz responding to in that way and also giving some serious thought to how it's such a privilege to be first lady. and of course the, you know, glog sphere, the conservative blogosphere took off on michelle obama describing it as a prison, which is not what she did. >> she said it's a very nice prison. th
. still going to have barack obama in the white house. >> still have barack obama in the white house. still powerful forces that want a bill more or less along the lines of the current one. i'm not sure that that's a real prospect. on the other hand, i don't see the urgency of passing something right now. i mean as vin was taig illegal immigration has been dropping recently. there doesn't seem to be currently a great need on part of our economy to have all of this new labor when we can't get employment for the people who are already here. so i do think there's been kind of a false atmosphere of crisis. that has contributed thinking we have to pass something right now. >> first of all i think bill and rich are off base on this. they've said for sure nothing is going to happen for three-and-a-half years if we follow their prescription because that's how long barack obama will be here which means no change in any of the policies that people are interested for the next three-and-a-half years. change comes in their editorial only if the republicans take the white house and both houses of
? okay. how about this then. there has never been a world tennis team invited to the white house. president obama changing that today as the castles paying a visit, world team tennis has been around 38 years. never recognized by the oval office until today. congratulations. >>> and if you're going outside to play world team tennis today, maybe you'll get it in? >> i think so. >> maybe you wouldn't. >> you would get it in. you need to stay hydrated but no worries about that. we are talking a couple of storms into southern maryland. we'll show you that in a second. right now we're going to show you chantal, a strong tropical storm. winds are 64 miles per hour. she is moving to the west/northwest at a pretty good clip, 26 miles an hour. it is to the west of the islands here and headed toward the dominican republic and also haiti. here is the official track from the national hurricane center. it goes close to the dominican republic coast and this will be wednesday about 1:00 p.m. it goes across haiti. it will encounter mountains which will weaken the storm and slow its forward speed
in the oval office. they try to push this over the years, when conservatives criticize the obama white house, they say the president's race is a factor. a recent example from martin bashir talking about the irs enemy list. >> the irs is being used in exactly the same way that they tried to use the president's birth certificate. for republicans like darryl issa, who knows something about arson, the irs is something no, ma'am inlammatory. burning hot, like that fire that burnt mr. isisa's warehouse in 1982. this is the latest in the war in the black man against the white house. >> you don't like this. >> that's an amazing comment. the irs a few weeks ago apologized for targeting of tea party and conservatives. is the irs trying to embarrass the president when they apologized? any time people on the right criticize president obama is because of racism. >> a reporter did this to me four different ways. you don't like the president because he is black. i said, no, i don't like him because he's a socialist. pretty easy. >> i am a member of the westchester tea party, and one of the founding princip
have been repeating over the years is that when conservatives criticize the obama white house, they say the president's race is a factor. here's an example from martin bashar talking about the irs enemies list. watch this. >> the irs is being used in exactly the same way as they tried to use the president's birth certificate. you see, for republicans like daryl islip, the irs stands for something inflammatory. those three letters are now on fire with political corruption burning hot just like that suspicious fire that engulfed mr. isis warehouse back in 1982. and despite the complete lack of any evidence linking the president to the targeting of tea party groups, republicans are using it as their latest weapon in the war against the black man in the white house. >> all right. we continue -- you don't like this, all right. >> that's an amazing comment. the irs a few weeks ago actual apologized for this targeting of the tea party and conservatives. so with the irs, in fact, try to embarrass obama when they apologized for this behavior? this is delusional. any time people criticize obama f
definition unless he were president of the united states are happened to work for him. the obama white house refuses to call his ouster a coup led by the military group clashed violently with pporters in hundreds injured in more than 50 killed but listen to the president's press secretary
john mccain and chuck schumer with, met with president obama to find a way to keep house republicans from ending bipartisan efforts at comprehensive reform. >> this is just what america wants us to do, work together in a bipartisan way to move forward. >> our message to our colleagues in the house is we are ready to negotiate, we are ready to talk, we are ready to sit down with you and negotiate and bring this issue to a conclusion. >> the raucous caucus is united in its opposition to the senate bill, folding the reform effort into the dreaded enchilada of government overreach and likening the upper chamber's immigration proposal to the republican conception of evil. case in point -- yesterday in a statement, speaker boehner around house leadership called the proposed immigration reform project from the senate an obama care-like bill. house republicans made clear that they don't trust the senate with immigration reform and that they don't trust president obama with, well, anything. yesterday congressman tim huelskamp tweeted this -- trusting obama is border security is like trusting
, michelle obama in the house. the 2012 champions unfurled their banner. kastles win their 33rd straight tonight and go for the potentially record setting 34 straight winds tomorrow against boston. >>> former new york giant linebacker barrett green is suing former skins defensive coordinator gregg williams and former tight end robert royal saying his 2004 knee injury was because of a bounty. the redskins are concentrating on the positives, though, training camp which is just over two weeks away, derek. the team will train in richmond on state of the art training fields and center which will make for a better fan experience according to gm bruce allen. we caught up with the super bowl winning quarterback joe thiesmann who expects a good season for the skins. >> this is going to be a heck of a football team. i know they won the nfc east last year, but i'll say right now it's the best team in the nfc team east going into this year. when you think of the amount of guys hurt that will be play and when you think of the amount of players that had a chance to play that are going to be backups, i
are investigating what happened and for the white house. now president obama is expected to return back. i anticipate he'll be back sometime this morning. he's with the entire first family. i expect he'll get briefed throughout the day as the ntsb continues its investigation. >> thank you very much, kristen. we appreciate that. >>> more on flight 214. how possible sit it could be pilot error and how safe is the boeing plane? we're going to hear from aviation specialists next. but after one day's use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to a fresh sheet of new bounty duratowel. look! a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth, as this black light reveals. it's durable, cloth-like and it's 3 times cleaner. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to new bounty duratowel. the durable, cloth-like picker-upper. when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. >>> we have new news to share with the air crash. >> you
of the obama white house. that's a vocal view that gets play. what doesn't is the voices that fill up my final line whenever you criticize msnbc and they say we're leaving in droves because this network is too critical of the president especially on drone warfare the nsa, the conduct of the war on terror. it's not very well represented in the media. cenk: i don't know which one it is honestly. andrew you guys cover this 24/7 as far as cable news. what's your take. do you get a sense that msnbc might be losing its edge? i think they're not nearly critical enough of the president. that i don't have a dispute on. i think largely they're very, very supportive of the president. i don't know if that costs them with audience or helps them. >> i think probably as the hole scandal-palooza has been happening, i think people are tiring of if there is an obama scandal. msnbc will defend it. i think that's. >>ed true progressives. i'm sure you and the glenn greenwald progressives who's msnbc parroting the d.n.c. there is a joke that msdnc. the irony is that on a lot of shows, you will actually find a more
the white house. president obama has been keeping track of this incident here at sfo. the latest statement from the white house, we quote, reading, his thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost a loved one and all those affected by the crash. dozens affected by the crash. out to sf general. elise, what do we know? >> we now know the 10 critically injured passengers taken to the er behind me earlier today have been taken out of the er. being treated in other parts of the hospital. we also know there has been a second wave of passengers that arrived here. those passengers, less critically injured. want to show you the video now. in fact, we saw two women walking into the, into the hospital. another woman wheeled in on a stretcher. in total as many as 30 could be transported here today. earlier we were able to confirm eight adults and two children were again in critical condition. the adults range in age from 20 to 40. those patients have been taken out of the er. as you can imagine. hospital personnel have their hand full today. here is how they are responding to this large medica
than the 40 other house votes to repeal all or parts of obama care, shepard. >> shepard: wendell, thanks. a first listen now to a former professional baseball player's 911 call moments after the ball player's wife reportedly burst into his bedroom and threatened him with a gun. he is the former mets and pirates'' pitcher chris benson. he says his then estranged wife entered his home wearing a bullet-proof vest and had a metal be ton. when she asked him to get her a lighter for her cigarette he ran into the basement and called the police. >> my soon to be ex-wife has gotten into my house and she has brannished a gun. >> she has a gun? >> yes. >> where is she right now? >> she is in the house and i'm down stairs in the basement. >> has she threatened you with that gun? >> yes. >> shepard: police say they later recovered several other weapons from her including a taser and a hatchet. she faces charges of aggravated assault and criminal trespass. continuing coverage of our top story tonight. the defense resting its case in the trial o a working weekend for the jury. the reason why ne
distance. i was also struck by the fact the obama white house noted today that the speech by the former president is a valuable part of the immigration conversation. now does he have much influence on house republicans? those are two different things and while he is a republican who is well regarded by many in the party even when the broader political numbers for him and polling numbers haven't been as strong, the likelihood that he will influence is really a question mark. but he does give more political cover for those who want to find something in what the former president said to find some kind of path on an immigration plan that the house can move forward on. andrea? >> so in -- in the politics of all of this, will john boehner be influenced by that? will house members as they debate whether to take a piece meal approach, a larger approach or do nothing at all on immigration? >> well, kelly is right to say we don't know yet. my strong inclination, andrea, based on what we've seen over the first six months, whether it's the farmville vote, vote over the speaker, fiscal cliff with th
with us on obama care? >> house majority leader eric cantor told his colleagues that they are going to try to repeal the individual mandate. they think they can make a real case on the individual mandate because the administration is not trying to stop the employer mandate from being implemented. >> that's incredible. how much money are they going to waste? >> they keep trying to repeal obama care. it's over and over. you can really roll your eyes at it and say it's just political messaging but because there's an employer mandate, they are trying to come up with a political response and their response is to stop the individual mandate and take it up with the senate for a vote. >> i understand that a lot of people don't like the obama care or the individual mandate. the reality is, it's the law of the land, doc. >> absolutely. >> anybody, regardless of what they believe understands this, there's only so many hours in the day. whenever congress is, working on that, they are not working on something else. >> did you see the numbers? i think it was 75 million, if i remember, is what they are s
. >> suarez: back in washington, the obama white house released a lengthy report touting the economic benefits of immigration reform. it claimed the senate bill would boost economic growth another 3.3%, by 2023. and would reduce the deficit by almost $850 billion over 20 years. president obama also called in members of the hispanic caucus. democratic congressman joaquin castro of texas voiced hope for a compromise. >> like us he realizes that effort must be both a republican and a democratic effort. it requires the work and cooperation of both parties and this president is committed to working with not only house democrats, but also house republicans on getting it done. speaker boehner and other party leaders issued a statement refirming they will not take up the senate bill which leaves the focus squarely on the next three weeks. house republicans have said they mean to bring immigration to a vote between now and the month-long recess that begins in early august. for more on the options being considered in the house, we are joined by illinois democrat luis gutierrez, also a member of the judi
that happens 10, 15, 20 years down the road. >> joan walsh, has there been a failure on the left, by the obama white house to champion these issues? >> i'd like to see more coming from the white house. i thnk it's a great idea, michael. i'd love to see secretary hagel include head start funding and make the case our children are a national security issue and what we're doing to our children makes us less safe down the line. there hasn't been nearly enough attention to paid to this. i think once they took the faa, once they let people fly again, the lawmakers could fly again safely and on time, all of the urgency went away and it's really quite disappointing and quite tragic. >> sam, give us the cliffs note version anecdotedly of something you've seen in your reporting thus far that people who haven't read your work would understand. >> oh, god, there's so much of it. public defenders, for instances are one of these things no one really knows about. public defenders play a huge role. public defenders are going without investigators are for their defense work. can you imagine a lawyer without an
for the comprehensive immigration bill that president obama and the house and senate democrats passed in 2008 and 2009 when they had control of both bodies of congress and the white house. they didn't lift a finger on comprehensive immigration reform, which makes skeptics think they're more interested in 2014 and the election cycle than the real remedy. nevertheless, we'll work our will in the house and do it responsibly step by step and hopefully engender public trust in the process. >> a that process will be regular order in the house? there will be hearings? there will be studious and rigorous analysis of issues and questions asked and there will be insistence upon answers before public policy is created by the house? >> as novel as that sounds and as unusual as that is for us, we have had four hearings so far. when the amendment process went well into the late evening and that's the way it's supposed to be done. if you have a better idea than the one proposed, debate it with civility and fact. you don't lump everything in together, the good, the bad, the ugly, the not so ugly and then throw more u
. >>> welcome back to "hannity." the white house decision to there a the employer mandate until 2015 on obama care is not sitting well with republican lawmakers. a hearing about this overreaching decision of the white house. here are some highlights. >> treasury department announcement confirms our concerns. obama care is simply not ready. for patients, families and their children, though, you have to wonder. if obama care isn't ready for business, is it ready for my family? a lot of lives are at stake. >> this law is literally just unraveling before our eyes. i don't know how you can conclusion this is not a total fiasco. >> now we've got a situation where essentially the administration for years has been pumping sunshine. for years, the administration, whenned ask easked how is the gt coming to fruition? this committee and others have been told, it's fine, it's great. we have it your honor control. in fact, we have a wonderful plan for your life, it will be absolutely terrific. and now what happens? late, before a holiday weekend, the administration on a blog post essentially whispers, it's
the white house to do before the polls in 2014? here is patrick j. buchanan and leslie marshall. the obama administration unilaterally decides that they will decide implementation or part of it, they don't go to congress for approval, and they get to decide which laws they want to enforce? okay with >> it's okay with me. because the affordable care act won't be enacted. this is for businesses with 50 or more full-time employees that don't provide benefits. currently 96% of those employers already do. first of all. second of all. i don't know about you, sean, i don't have 50 people i am going to provide health care benefits for. an individual can go to a database. this is to help the employers in a sense. not that obama care isn't ready. perhaps the employers were not ready. we are hoping for republicans to try and successfully repeal health care. which it did not. >> barack obama and the democrats came down on the side of the big, evil business guys and not the average american? it's an interesting twist. >> it sure is, sean. this is a bit of a fiasco. i can understand why president obama
a ruler. he's not a president. he's a ruler. >> house speaker john boehner says mr. obama can count on another house vote to try to repeal the individual mandate. folks here say it will have about as much impact as the other repeal votes. >> wendell, thank you. the u.s. is signaling patience if not acceptance of the situation in egypt. after threats of more violence, egypt's new leaders are going after top members of the muslim brotherhood tonight. senior foreign affairs correspondent speaking an eye on things in cairo. >> reporter: the sit-in by supporters of morsi outside a mosque in cairo continues to grow. this as the military backed interim crack down intensified. arrest warrants were issued including the brotherhood spiritual leader. it's claimed they incited violence. including clashes between pro morsi protesters and the military monday which left over 50 dead. others are already detained. including president morsi himself. authorities say he's being held for his own safety. and the country's. activists demand his reinstatement and say they won't back down. everyone if they
. >> president obama was expected to phone vladimir putin today. we expect a readout after that is made. >> jennifer, thank you. >>> next thursday, house lawmakers talk with a state department official who says he is beingscape goetd. he was placed on leave following state department review. he maintains he was wrongly accused for poor security conditions at the diplomatic facility in benghazi. >>> supporters of morsi and tens of thousands protested, demanding his reinstatement. chanted anti-military slogans, called for the army chief that led the removal effort a traitor. today's protests after a week of violence that left more than 90 dead. >>> the pakistani teacher violated for speaking out for girls spoke at united nations today. the 16-year-old is demanding free compulsory education for every child. >> on the 9th of october, 2012 the taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead. they shot my friends, too. they thought that the bullet would silence us. but they failed. >> the youth assembly as you see here gave her a standing ovation. it was her first public speech since the atta
,, announced it's partnering with 270 strategies.tegies the consulting firm for president obama. 270 strategies will overseewill training and recruitment. clinton has not said if she wilh run for white house in 2016. >>> the president obama is awarding national humanities and arts medals. >> among the recipients is edward airs. ttrvment heirs has helped. >> among receiving art ple meda herb from anan records, new orleans, r&b ledge legend legenn toussaint and george lucas.s. and herb alperiod of time. >>> 9:26 right now. on a wednesday morning. >>> still ahead, scared out herr sleep, it's the prank by a boyfriend you need to see to believe. >>> the washington capital lz cz soared past other teams.  mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪ >>> welcome back. if there's an award for the world's worst boyfriend, this th guy may take the case. the ring style wake-up >> a woman a wakes to a ghost like figure reaching
it all together. >> doug luzader has more. >> the white house says obama care should be delayed for businesses republicans say individuals deserve a delay in this as well. this is the most controversial part. image knee say the government is struggling to establish the health insurance changes. some may not be completely ready in time republicans are calling for a delay. >> individual mandate is set to kick in on january 1st of next year. that will give 6 million americans on average $1,200 tax increase. >> the white house delayed the employer mandate that provided insurance by a full year. kritd ticks say the evidence of the entire plan is not ready for prime time. >> now what happened late before holiday a weekend the administration on a blog post essentially whispers it's not working. >> despite accusations the president is violating the law by delaying some deed lines while planning to enforce others the white house says this is all within his authority. >> people who suggest there is nothing less than a delay are sticking their heads in the stand or are ignorant about past
on the moon. >> they should have one. >> unnecessary. thanks. two house democrats want to protect where the apollo mission landed. >>> president obama made an unscheduled visit to the second annual kids' day dinner at the white house. when asked his favorite food, the president replied broccoli. i'm not going to say he's a liar but i don't know that i believed that. president h.w. bush all about outlawed that from the executive mansion. >>> new york's infamous governor eliot spitzer is back in the political arena. late night comedians could not be happier. >> it looks like elliott spitzer will be the new comptroller of new york city. how many of you feel better knowing that he will be comp troelg things? i just hope he can comp troel himself. >> and that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> joining me now for the latest on the weather is bill karins. your favorite food is esparrasp or spin fish. >> if you have enough butter, it's fine. >> chantal? >> the path looked dangerous to the southeast and florida. overnight it fell apart. i'm happy to pass on news for anyone who was wo
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